The patriotic studmuffin

Last night, the fantastic4 were surveying their spoils. I’m one of those mother’s who doesn’t allow her children to indulge in a lot of sweets, especially late at night. They asked if they could take candy to school with them today. I said yes, one piece each. They dug through and discussed the various types of candy. My youngest, the stud muffin, saw the Tootsie Roll pictured above and got really excited. I mean really excited. You see, we have always talked about America and of course the great state of Texas. He could recognize the flags before but once he started kindergarten this year, things changed for him. He started to become patriotic. The class has been learning all about the constitution, the founding fathers and the flags. He even had the opportunity to hold the flag one morning during assembly and was very proud. Back to my story, when he saw this piece of candy, he knew this was the one. He had to take this one to school to show it to his teacher and all of his friends. This one has the American flag on it! I can still hear his voice and see the look of excitement on  his face. Yes, he loves the flag so much he sacrificed having a better piece of candy. If that isnt’ patriotic for a five-year old, I don’t know what is.

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