Changing of the Light Bulbs

I don’t know about you but I don’t usually get excited about changing light bulbs. However, this year is different for me; not only am I excited, I am a little bit giddy. Yes, I said giddy. One by one the bulbs in my house are beginning to go out. One by one I am happily changing them. You see, this is not about light bulbs, this is about celebrating a new beginning in a new house with a new outlook and new hope for the future. Things are looking brighter with each bulb I change. (I couldn’t resist)


This is an excerpt from one of my original poems. I do not give permission to reprint or reuse.

You are the master of your destiny
The owner of the key that unlocks your future
You have the power to choose
Or the option to stand by
It is here by demanded that you become an active participant
In this thing
Step up to the plate
Take a swing
Even if you don’t get a home run
You are already on the team

The Dresser

One upon a time, long, long ago in a far away and oh so distant land there lived  a handsome young couple. They were so much in love that they decided to get married. After getting married, they combined their two households. They kept his sofa, her bed, her dining room table and shortly after they were married, they inherited a dresser from his grandmother.

Now this dresser was nothing special. In fact, it was an eye sore. Mrs. Handsome disliked this piece of furniture so much she put it in a closet. Mr. and Mrs. Handsome had many discussion about this dresser that was nothing special but more of an eyesore. You see, Mr. Handsome cherished and loved the dresser because his grandfather handmade this dresser long, long, long, long ago in an even more far away and distant land. Mr. Handsome refused to even discuss disposing of the dresser. You see, he adored this lopsided dresser that was nothing special but a real eye sore. The drawers would not close all the way. The legs were not even and if you rubbed your hand across it, you were sure to get a splinter. Mrs. Handsome was determined to get rid of the dresser and Mr. Handsome was determined to keep this dresser that was nothing special and a bit of an eye sore.

One day, Mr. Handsome’s mother and father decided to visited their son’s humble abode. Mr. Handsome was embarrassed to have the dresser in the closet. Mr. Handsome insisted on displaying it in one of the bedrooms. When his parents arrived, Mr. Handsome proudly showed them the dresser, that was nothing special but more of an eye sore. Mr. Handsome asked his mother if she remembered the year her father made the dresser. She said, my mother found that on somebody’s curb when they were first married. My father’s handiwork was much better than that.

The very next day, the dresser that was nothing special and still an eye sore found itself no longer living in the bedroom or closet but next to the dumpster.

And they lived happily ever after.

My question to you is what or who are you holding on to that is nothing special but more of an eye sore? It’s okay to walk away or put it next to the dumpster.

Who wants to know?

I was in the process of writing my first real blog when I had a couple of thoughts. Have we as society become so narcissistic that we believe we have something to say that everybody else wants to read? I asked this question of my friend Abiquail (name changed to protect the innocent) and she readily agreed that yes, we are rapidly becoming a narcissistic society with too many means to express our thoughts. Writing articles was once reserved for a certain group of people not just anybody with access to a computer and the internet. Yes, there have always been rebels with underground or anti establishment publications. But I am talking about the journalists, the people we once followed in newspapers to keep us up to date and help us form our opinions. Now anybody can say anything and easily reach an audience of 10 or 10,000. I love and embrace technology but I also believe we cannot say whatever we want when we want just because we have the opportunity and means.

The other thought came to me after I allowed my 10-year-old daughter to read my blog. She was really excited and wants to follow my blogging efforts. I became keenly aware of my responsiblity to her and the other three of the fantastic4. I owe it to them not to embarrass them in front of the world. Embarrassing my children is reserved for classroom dances, athletic events and any other local not so highly publicized opportunities.

In the end, Abiquail said she believes I have some valid topic to share with the world. Look out world, here I am.


I realized last night I didn’t introduce myself. I am already treating you like we are long time friends. I am the mother of four beautiful children that I refer to as the fantastic4. I love to bake, laugh and have thought provoking conversations over a muffin/glass of wine or while helping a friend cook in the kitchen. I write and perform poetry; finger snapping is encouraged. I am a graduate student and I work full-time. More than anything else I am blessed and highly favored of the Lord.

I had a dream last night about the type of picture to use for the blog. I have a dear friend Ginny who has agreed to share one of her fabulous photographs with me. Look for an update next week. It’s nice to share a dream or vision with someone and then have them interpret it into art. I am looking forward to what she will share. No pressure Ginny.

It’s been a long time coming

I have wanted a blog for a while. I usually post my thoughts and musings to a select group of people. Now I will share them with you as well.

I like Stephen Covey’s habit #2, Begin with the End in Mind. I am hoping my posts will cause you to contemplate, laugh, cry or discuss amongst yourselves.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon.