My Record

I made those lovely waffles you see above. Due to some technical difficulties with my waffle iron, I burned them. While I plated them, this conversation occurred:
Me- Oh No! I forget the sensor is broken on the waffle iron
Honeygirl (my daughter)- That’s okay, I’ll eat them
Me- Don’t worry about it I have more batter
Honeygirl- I love your waffles, it doesn’t matter if they are burnt or not, you make great waffles
Me- thinking, I’m glad I have a good track record

Question to contemplate for the day, does your track record provide confidence or doubt when you make a mistake?

I wonder if

I wonder if I walk backwards can I rewind to the time and place when the silence was comfortable and not awkward
I wonder if I close my eyes real tight can I see the light that use to burn in your eyes before it dwindled
I wonder if I get the opportunity to hug you again will I be able to take us back to the time and place before you avoided my touch
I wonder if I call you at 2 am like I use to will you answer the phone in anticipation like you did before you started ignoring me
I wonder if I wear those red shoes you loved will you dance with me as if we are the only one in the room like you use to before our dance became extinct
I wonder if we are able to go back to that time and place where the only thing that mattered was you and me
I spend a lot of time wondering if
I also wonder if you wonder

Your circle of influence

I attended a meeting for an organization I recently joined. The speaker of the evening was providing insight on how to develop your network (networth) The presenter, Debbie, made some very compelling points. One of those was about the people in your network. Those are people you come into contact with that you are able to influence or that are able to influence you. She had the attendees to fill out a list of people in our lives and put them into two categories, brown or green. Brown represents negative, non-life giving, stagnant, Debbie downer type of people. Green represents life giving, positive, hopeful, moving forward type of people. Then she went on to challenge us to have more green people in our lives and to determine whether or not the brown people could become green or if they are forever browns. If there are forever browns they needed to get weeded out of our lives. (I’m summarizing not quoting) I’m glad to say I have more green in my life than brown.
Give it a try. Write down the names of your friends, colleagues and close acquaintances and categorize them as either brown or green. Well, the process should start with you. Are you brown or green? We don’t want to make any assumptions. Then categorize your circle of influence. We all have a bad day and bad things that happen to us. But do you or the people in your life live in the land of sad, angry, pitiful, spiteful, hurting and whoa is me? If you live there, it’s time to move. If you are visiting, you’ve probably worn out your welcome and need to go back to your happy place.
She did not say abandon your brown list. But take some time to determine whether or not you can help them develop some green. From me to you, don’t allow them to pull you into the dark side. If you are not already fully functioning as a green person, avoid the browns until you are in a better place. A pity party is not the social event of the year. It’s more like quicksand. (side note, where does one find quicksand other than movies?)
Time to go forth and cultivate some positive relationships.

To Too Two

Too often we refuse to say two words
miss you, love you, so sorry, forgive me
Too many times to count
We let the moments go by
two minutes, two hours, two days
and still nothing is said
too you I look to see two caring eyes
they bring me comfort and peace
to hear, to understand, to listen
I am here, just speak
too you I dedicate my poem
to love is an action for which I was born to perform
to deny the truth is too hard on the soul
two days is too long to wait
miss you, love you, so sorry, forgive me


I was reading a blog one day about how to make your blog popular. One of the things on the list was coming up with a top ten or top five list of things to do nor not do. Apparently we humans like short lists of things. I decided right then and there to make my lists about funny things that no one is searching in Google for but it might give you a laugh or smile when you happen upon it on my blog. Check back frequently or infrequently¬†to see what’s coming up next.

How to become a certified slacker

If you follow these steps you will be well on your way to becoming a certified slacker. First let’s define slacker. According to me, a slacker is a person who doesn’t get much done during the day but no one seems to notice.

I am offering steps to get you towards the certification, not the certification itself. As a true slacker you don’t want everybody to know so you would not leave a trail such as a certification to give proof to those that may suspect your status.

1.) Attend as many meetings as you can, take down lots of “notes” and look extremely engaged and interested in the topic
2.) Show up for work on time and stay late sometimes. During actual work hours surf the net, pay your bills online, update your blog and any other internet related activity that requires typing and intensely looking at your screen.
3.) Get a screen protector or arrange your desk in such a way that passerbyers (I know it’s a questionable word) can’t see your screen.
4.) If you are high enough on the flow chart to have an office, close your door and come out every hour looking frustrated and sighing loudly. Of course what you are actually doing is surfing the net, texting and talking on the phone.
5.) Go to work early, schedule a meeting with a friend you are in cahoots with, (go to the movies, grocery shopping, take a nap or just hang with that friend) then come back to work and stay late.
6.) Always be available for questions. This passes the time and you appear helpful as well as engaged.
7.) Walk around your office talking to people. Don’t spend too much time with one person or else people will complain that you are keeping others from being productive.
8.) Don’t volunteer for any projects unless you are the coordinator then delegate, delegate, delegate.
9.) Don’t take the credit for other people’s ideas. This makes people angry. The goal here is to be stay on everybody’s good side. You want to have lots of allies not enemies.
10.) Always look busy!

The power of 1

All it took was 1 deity to speak and light was
All it took was 1 act and paradise was lost
All it took was 1 look and a pillar of salt was made
All it took was 1 promise and a nation was birthed
All it took was 1 burning bush and a nation was saved
All it took was 1 rock and a giant fell
All it took was 1 virgin and a savior was birthed
All it took was 1 cross and we can be saved
All it takes is 1 person to pass the good news
All it takes is 1 person to hear
All it takes is 1 person to believe
All it takes is 1