Wonder Woman is Out Indefinitely

I woke up at 2 am this morning in a daze
I laid in the bed remembering what happened this past week
I was beckoned and called upon, tugged and pulled
I talked, listened and spiritually fought
I ran and chased
I even leaped over a small mound of laundry in a single bound
But to my dismay or maybe my delight
I realized my cape has a hole
A heel broke from one of my boots
My bracelet I use to deflect the bullets of selfishness, unkind words and ill feelings has to go to the jeweler for repair
The light bulb has burned out, the signal cannot be seen
I was so busy saving others I forgot to pay the phone bill
Don’t bother coming by my house, my supercar needs a new battery and tires
In the mean time I’ll sit here enjoying the silence
Maybe I’ll get a massage
Perhaps I’ll get a manicure
I can’t save you today or tomorrow and next week isn’t looking good either
I need to take care of me and tend to my needs
Mend my cape, pay my phone bill, take my boot to a cobbler, replace the light and put my car in the shop
I’ll be back one day
The day has no name or number
Until further notice consider me unavailable


Wonder woman aka superwoman

The Crutch

Lean on me til you can walk on your own
I am a temporary solution to a broken situation
Depend on me cause I am here
I will hold you up until you can stand by yourself
Let me help you
Cause it’s what I do
I will remind you that you are weak
And without me you may fall
I am your crutch
I am the thing you despise
I am the thing you need
I am a constant reminder that you are imperfect
When you heal let me go
Keep me in a closet
You never know when you will need me again
I am not your walking stick
That’s seems permanent
I am a here for now not the long run
I can never be your friend
You can trust me but my goal is to leave you one day
I am your crutch
I am meant to become a part of your past
Don’t idolize me
Don’t immortalize me
Don’t pretend I am anything more than your crutch
Lean on me
Only because you are not strong
But the thing about being a crutch is that I can’t stand alone
I need you to give me value and worth
Without you or someone like you, I am useless
I am a constant reminder of what was
I am a useless tool when you are healed
I can only hope to find another to need me
I am a crutch

What am I thinking? Well, since you asked…

my mind is cluttered with thoughts

thoughts of today

thoughts of yesterday

thoughts of right now

thoughts of tomorrow

my mind is distracted by all kinds of thoughts

did I make a C in my class?

when will the torture of this new stage of life end

why do these guys keep trying to calculate my bmi?

was this guy seriously thinking I would hook up with him after two dates?

I don’t think so

that made me think of stranger danger

I think about this, I think about that

I think when I wake up

my thoughts won’t allow me to sleep

I think that I thought that I need to rest my mind

my thoughts come rushing like a hurricane

they overtake my mind

and flood me with emotions

my thoughts help me remember when

my thoughts won’t let me forget

I think I heard you say something

I’m just not sure what it was

it was muffled by my thoughts

What is it?

It’s an action
It’s a reaction
It’s what makes us click
It’s a look
It’s a smile
It’s a slight nod of your head
It’s a word
It’s a touch
It’s the things that were never said
It’s a nuzzle
It’s a kiss
It’s the small gestures
It’s I love you
It’s I don’t like you
It’s the ups and downs of relationships
It’s a whisper
It’s in your eyes
It’s your hand on the small of my back
It’s desire
It’s for real
It’s what I’ve been looking for
It’s you
It’s me
It’s a life together
It’s yours
It’s mine
It’s just the way that it is
It’s we
It’s ours
It’s the promise of a future
It’s together
It’s never a part
It’s infused in the depths of my heart
It’s real
It’s not fake
It’s yours and mine to make
It’s a lover
It’s a friend
It’s a commitment for life

I wonder if

I wonder if I walk backwards can I rewind to the time and place when the silence was comfortable and not awkward
I wonder if I close my eyes real tight can I see the light that use to burn in your eyes before it dwindled
I wonder if I get the opportunity to hug you again will I be able to take us back to the time and place before you avoided my touch
I wonder if I call you at 2 am like I use to will you answer the phone in anticipation like you did before you started ignoring me
I wonder if I wear those red shoes you loved will you dance with me as if we are the only one in the room like you use to before our dance became extinct
I wonder if we are able to go back to that time and place where the only thing that mattered was you and me
I spend a lot of time wondering if
I also wonder if you wonder

A blue funk gone wrong (Guest Poet)

Before I head out for some fun with my friend B I thought I would leave you with a poem from one of my friends. It’s a little dark but it sheds light to the inner thoughts and feelings of one person. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you had a minute, hour, day or week like this. Don’t let the funk settle in though. Keep on keeping on.

I’m being coxed to the edge of my sanity
By this deep blue funk of funks
It’s deeper that deep
A blue so dark it looks black
I’m being pushed by reality
Shoved by expectations
Taunted by the voices of doubt
I want to free fall into the deep
Plunging to the depths of despair
Drown in my sorrows
Throw me a life line
Before I sink into the depths of darkness

Poem by Random Chic (guest poet)

I guess I am feeling the poetry bug tonight. (snap, snap, snap, and snap)

There is freedom in telling you I love you
I refuse to be a prisoner of fear
Shackled by the chains of insecurity
You can’t protect me
Love will not hurt me
What hurts is regret
And desire unfulfilled
Hope unrealized
Dreams not lived
Holding back does not bring satisfaction
It comes when you let what’s natural occur
Loving you is as natural to me as walking and breathing
I was created to love you
If only for a short while