The friendship that almost wasn’t

One day many sunsets and sunrises ago, a fly girl (that’s what the coolest and cutest young ladies were called) started a new job. With the new job there where too many people to count and she didn’t care to count them anyway. She needed a job and this was a job. She didn’t need or want a new friend. Lots of people were talking and bonding on this first day of work. Nervous and excited chatter was all around. The fly girl sat alone wanting to be alone and alone she remained. No eye contact, no smiles no invitations to sit and talk for a while.
On this first day another fly girl walked in, full of smiles and with laughing eyes. She offered a warm greeting and a smile. No warm greeting and definitely no smile was offered in return. Day after day the ritual continued. Then on a day that wasn’t so special, the one full of smiles and laughing eyes said, “we are going to be friends one day” to which the other replied, “I’m not accepting applications for friends right now, I have all I need.” With a look of surprise and a little determination the fly girl with the smiles and laughing eyes had made up here mind for sure. Whether destiny or determination a new position was created and they became friends. It wasn’t right away. There were weeks of resistance along with words of discouragement, moments of ignoring and overall I don’t want to be bothered.
One action and one look and a secret smile shared between them is all it took to bond them together forever.
Twenty years later they are still friends. Not the kind of friends that talk everyday or every week or every month. But the kind of friends that are there when needed and always willing to participate in girl talk or real talk or offer spiritual guidance. Sometimes they just listen in silence and say, I understand if anything at all.
Friendship is bond that can be broken but can also be mended.

The sound

Did you say something?
I thought I heard your voice
Or was that that frustration yelling?
Maybe I was hearing things
Wait! There it is again.
It sounds like the moan of overwhelmed
Or was it the sound of giving up?
Sometimes I get those confused
I definitely heard a cry for help
Where is it coming from?
It’s getting closer
And louder
Full of emotions
Full of pain
Void of hope
I hear the sounds clearly now
But I don’t know what to do

The cowardly lion

I am not sure who to give credit to for the picture.

I am not sure who to give credit to for the picture. From the Wizard of Oz.

I hope at some point in time you have seen the Wizard of Oz. If not, please add it to your list of movies to see. My focus is on the cowardly lion. We know is nature, the lion represents the king of beasts. He is supposed to be the big man on campus. He gets the big piece of chicken. He gets the honor at the head of the table because of his courage and willingness to sacrifice his life for his pride. At any point during the day, he could run into another lion who wants to challenge him and take over his pride. His job is take on the challenge and win. The lion has a sense of duty, honor and country (pride) that seems to be missing today in some.
I have a friend who graduated from West Point many moons ago. I had the privilege of attending the ceremony. I remember seeing the words Duty, Honor, Country and they were forever engrained in my memory. At West Point they are holding to a tradition that used to be common in our households.

Photo credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Photo credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Duty- expected by moral or legal obligation, action or task required by a person’s position, an act or expression of respect
Honor- honesty, fairness or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions
Country (pride or family)- state, nation, land of one’s birth (taking creative liberty- the people you have promised to love, honor and respect or who you should feel an obligation towards due to their status in your life)
Back to the Wizard of Oz, the cowardly lion was going to see the wizard because he lacked courage. He doesn’t stand up when he’s afraid, he cowers and hides. We all have time in our lives when we want to run and hide. But, I am saying to you don’t give in to the fear, especially when it comes to your country (pride or family and your really good friends). Face the situation head on, dig deep within you and give out the biggest roar you can muster. If that doesn’t work, let the battle ensue. But, it’s better to stand for and represent duty, honor and country than to cower and run. The battle doesn’t have to be a physical battle. It may be a mental, verbal or prayerful battle. The battle is not always against someONE it could be someTHING.
(Spoiler alert!)As they discovered at the end of the journey to Oz, it was always there. He always had courage, he just didn’t recognize it in himself. Recognize the courage in yourself. Be ready to take a stand when it’s required. Other wise, enjoy the big piece of chicken you earned because you are proven and willing.

If I could, I would

If I could love you through your heart ache I would
The things that plague you are beyond my natural reach
If I could kiss away your bruises I would
My lips cannot reach your past
If I could hug away the pain I would
But you hold onto it like it’s your lifeline
If I could set you on the road to freedom I would
But you hold the key to the shackles keeping you bound
If I could use my words to lift you up I would
But the weight of your burdens is too much for me to carry
But I will be your friend and I will walk with you ’til the end

Sacrificial Love

I was talking to someone and they were saying they believe love is measured in sacrifice, the more you sacrifice the more you love and the more you love the more you will sacrifice. I am not sure that I completely agree with that thought. Sacrifice alone is not enough. If your words and actions don’t align with your sacrifice then you still end up at zero.

Does love spill over from one day to the other? Is love renewed and proven on a daily basis?

When I was married I honestly thought if I said I love you today then you should just assume I still love you tomorrow unless I said something different. I now realize some people need more. There is nothing wrong with showing, saying and sacrificing on a daily basis to confirm your commitment and love to those in your life.

There really is not a greater love than to lay down you life, agenda, pride, fear, guilt, preferences or plans for another.

A little bit of love goes a long way. I little bit of inconsideration goes further. Forgiveness bridges the gap between the two.

Poem by Random Chic (guest poet)

I guess I am feeling the poetry bug tonight. (snap, snap, snap, and snap)

There is freedom in telling you I love you
I refuse to be a prisoner of fear
Shackled by the chains of insecurity
You can’t protect me
Love will not hurt me
What hurts is regret
And desire unfulfilled
Hope unrealized
Dreams not lived
Holding back does not bring satisfaction
It comes when you let what’s natural occur
Loving you is as natural to me as walking and breathing
I was created to love you
If only for a short while

A Mile in Your Shoes

No, I’ve never walked a mile in your shoes
I would like to walk the next mile or two with you
I want to see what you see
Hear what you hear
Listen to you speak
Learn what makes you laugh
Wipe your tears when you cry
I want to walk a mile with you
I’ll have to do it in my own shoes
Other wise your journey is not unique
Your shoes were custom-made
It’s your journey but I’m here
Lean on me when you are tired
Hold my hand when you need comfort
I want to walk a mile or two with you