I’m Better Than That

This is Random Chic.

She may not have been born by the river but she’s cried a river of tears. 

She didn’t create laughter but she loves it like its her own. 

She did not give birth to love but she unconditionally loves the four she gave birth to.

She is who she is today but not who she was yesterday. 

(It’s not G like most of my postings. There is one word)

I hope you enjoy.

Hear ye hear ye 

it’s national poetry writing month. The goal is to write a poem a day. I’m not sure I can commit to that but I will write more than usual. 

I suddenly become aware of the silence



Now my mind is racing

My heart is pumping

What’s going on?

It’s too quiet

I walk cautiously through the house

Every step takes me closer to the unknown

As I peer around the corner, I see them

One is sitting on the counter

The other is sitting on the floor

They were finally successful

After many foiled attempts

They got into the cookie jar

— I will call this one, Toddlers—

National Poetry Writing Month

What is it?

It’s an action
It’s a reaction
It’s what makes us click
It’s a look
It’s a smile
It’s a slight nod of your head
It’s a word
It’s a touch
It’s the things that were never said
It’s a nuzzle
It’s a kiss
It’s the small gestures
It’s I love you
It’s I don’t like you
It’s the ups and downs of relationships
It’s a whisper
It’s in your eyes
It’s your hand on the small of my back
It’s desire
It’s for real
It’s what I’ve been looking for
It’s you
It’s me
It’s a life together
It’s yours
It’s mine
It’s just the way that it is
It’s we
It’s ours
It’s the promise of a future
It’s together
It’s never a part
It’s infused in the depths of my heart
It’s real
It’s not fake
It’s yours and mine to make
It’s a lover
It’s a friend
It’s a commitment for life