A blue funk gone wrong (Guest Poet)

Before I head out for some fun with my friend B I thought I would leave you with a poem from one of my friends. It’s a little dark but it sheds light to the inner thoughts and feelings of one person. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you had a minute, hour, day or week like this. Don’t let the funk settle in though. Keep on keeping on.

I’m being coxed to the edge of my sanity
By this deep blue funk of funks
It’s deeper that deep
A blue so dark it looks black
I’m being pushed by reality
Shoved by expectations
Taunted by the voices of doubt
I want to free fall into the deep
Plunging to the depths of despair
Drown in my sorrows
Throw me a life line
Before I sink into the depths of darkness

One thought on “A blue funk gone wrong (Guest Poet)

  1. popy2277 says:

    this is an awesome piece..

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