Wonder Woman is Out Indefinitely

I woke up at 2 am this morning in a daze
I laid in the bed remembering what happened this past week
I was beckoned and called upon, tugged and pulled
I talked, listened and spiritually fought
I ran and chased
I even leaped over a small mound of laundry in a single bound
But to my dismay or maybe my delight
I realized my cape has a hole
A heel broke from one of my boots
My bracelet I use to deflect the bullets of selfishness, unkind words and ill feelings has to go to the jeweler for repair
The light bulb has burned out, the signal cannot be seen
I was so busy saving others I forgot to pay the phone bill
Don’t bother coming by my house, my supercar needs a new battery and tires
In the mean time I’ll sit here enjoying the silence
Maybe I’ll get a massage
Perhaps I’ll get a manicure
I can’t save you today or tomorrow and next week isn’t looking good either
I need to take care of me and tend to my needs
Mend my cape, pay my phone bill, take my boot to a cobbler, replace the light and put my car in the shop
I’ll be back one day
The day has no name or number
Until further notice consider me unavailable


Wonder woman aka superwoman

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