Life is too short

How often do you hears someone say, “life is too short to…” do or not do something?

I found myself saying it recently to someone. After wards I decided to make a list. Add to it if you’d like.

Life is to short…

to spend your life doing work that is unfulfilling

to love somebody who doesn’t love you back

to pretend you are happy

to eat food without flavor

not to dance or sing

not to laugh out loud

to remain in a box

to not face your fears

to get married just to have kids

to get a divorce because you grew a part

not to walk the talk

to run from commitment

to live with an abusive person

not to travel

to allow somebody to dictate your life

to not have great friends

to spend your life dieting

not to say thank you

not to say I miss you

to live in misery

to not have hope

to spend your life avoiding responsibility

to not embrace the life you have

to not live in the moment

to not dream

to not live your dreams

Life is to short…





One thought on “Life is too short

  1. Finer Things in Life says:

    Wonderful list! I have added… Life is too short to be angry and life is too short to be stressing out 🙂 what a great idea!

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