Ice Breaker- Labeling

I recently facilitated a workshop for my team. After reading a blog, my sincerest apologies in advance for not remembering which blog I saw the attached video, I incorporated the video into and Ice Breaker. If I figure it out, I will post the credits.
Why don’t you play along as I describe what I did.
You will need a bottle or cup of water.
Take a label or marker and write one word on the bottle or label. Attach the label to the water bottle or cup.
Watch the video…

My question to my team after watching the video is would you drink the water you just labeled? Most of the team said they would.
Then we had a series of questions and comments. One person asked whether or not a tattoo would have the same effects on us as a label would on a bottle of water. Something to think about.

My Record

I made those lovely waffles you see above. Due to some technical difficulties with my waffle iron, I burned them. While I plated them, this conversation occurred:
Me- Oh No! I forget the sensor is broken on the waffle iron
Honeygirl (my daughter)- That’s okay, I’ll eat them
Me- Don’t worry about it I have more batter
Honeygirl- I love your waffles, it doesn’t matter if they are burnt or not, you make great waffles
Me- thinking, I’m glad I have a good track record

Question to contemplate for the day, does your track record provide confidence or doubt when you make a mistake?


Puzzle pic

I was recently talking to a friend who described the excitement of figuring out a puzzle. I took those words and that excitement and created this poem. Enjoy!

Excitement and anticipation
Something new to explore
Conquer? Not really
Just wanting to experience more
Instincts and wisdom
Not just a game
Dare I open the box?
Take a look inside?
Taking my time
Examining everything
Touch all the pieces
One by one
I’m not in a rush
Piece by piece
Each one is unique
Inch by inch
Creating a new memory
It is almost complete
Adrenaline rush
Built up tension released
Until the next time
The next quest
A new box or old box taken off the shelf

Written by Alicia