Who wants to know?

I was in the process of writing my first real blog when I had a couple of thoughts. Have we as society become so narcissistic that we believe we have something to say that everybody else wants to read? I asked this question of my friend Abiquail (name changed to protect the innocent) and she readily agreed that yes, we are rapidly becoming a narcissistic society with too many means to express our thoughts. Writing articles was once reserved for a certain group of people not just anybody with access to a computer and the internet. Yes, there have always been rebels with underground or anti establishment publications. But I am talking about the journalists, the people we once followed in newspapers to keep us up to date and help us form our opinions. Now anybody can say anything and easily reach an audience of 10 or 10,000. I love and embrace technology but I also believe we cannot say whatever we want when we want just because we have the opportunity and means.

The other thought came to me after I allowed my 10-year-old daughter to read my blog. She was really excited and wants to follow my blogging efforts. I became keenly aware of my responsiblity to her and the other three of the fantastic4. I owe it to them not to embarrass them in front of the world. Embarrassing my children is reserved for classroom dances, athletic events and any other local not so highly publicized opportunities.

In the end, Abiquail said she believes I have some valid topic to share with the world. Look out world, here I am.

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