The Brand! The Brand! (said in my Tatoo voice remember Fantasy Island?) Day 2

I don’t know why I selected that as my title. Perhaps I subconsciously wanted everybody to know how old I am. It popped into my head so I typed it out. Which takes me to the assignment of the day, working on my brand and my site. I looked at my heading and tagline and quite honestly, they still fit me perfectly. I contemplated for weeks and polled friends and coworkers on what I should title my blog. Thanks to Lacey, I landed on All That Chatter. My tag line is so me. I am always thinking. Vicki, a friend of mine, gave me some sage advice a couple of days ago, “don’t over think it…” Pppssshhh! I always over think everything. I am extremely analytical but not to the point of can’t get it done. I always get it done. But I am thinking about the steps along the way. Another friend told me I always have an A, B and C plan. I do like to plan. I really do. (lays down on sofa) It all started when I was a little girl. Oh wait! This is not about that. Brand! This is about my brand. My blog is a hodge podge of ideas written in various forms. I looked at the theme of my blog and I love the way it looks on the computer. I am not changing it at all. I took some time last year to update my blog and change the theme, colors, fonts, etc. I still like it very much. What am I changing? Nothing. I blog from my cell phone in the mornings for the most part but tonight I am blogging from my laptop. I took a nice long nap, the kids are gone to their dad’s until Sunday and I have no obligations tonight other than a need to sweep, finish my laundry and wash a few dishes. Oh and prepare for tomorrow before I go to bed. Digressing, digressing, digressing where was I? The theme… my brand… the look of my blog… I think I covered it all. I reserve the right to edit my thoughts.
Edits to my thoughts- I rarely use pictures by design. I like to see them on other blogs and they make them light and airy but I prefer people to create pictures and images in their minds. Call it my contribution to the creativeness of society.