Casting Stones

Oh boy! Guess who’s back and giving a TED talk? I won’t keep you in suspense, it’s Monica Lewinsky. Freeze frame! Whatever your first thought or emotion was when you read her name I want you to evaluate it for just a moment. Was it positive or negative? How did you react when you first learned of the indiscretion?

Monica’s and President Clinton’s actions, back in 1998, created a media and governmental frenzy. Who of us, that were of age, doesn’t remember the blue dress? Who doesn’t remember the taped phone calls?

What we don’t remember are the many nights of weeping, insomnia, invasive and threatening calls, e-mails and letters. We don’t know her mother’s pain and fear for Monica’s life. We will never understand the depth of her shame. Her sin was made public for all of the world to see. She ruined her life at the age of 24 by falling in love with a married man. I don’t say that lightly. He was married and the president of the United States of America.

They made very poor choices with huge repercussions. But what if your sins or poor choices were highlighted for the world to see? I would be mortified.

Monica is speaking out against cyber bullying in her TED talk. Listening to her speak is a great use of 22 minutes. She shares her story, the impact on her life and then challenges us to stop participating or promoting cyber bullying.

I’ve read several articles recently where people are taking legal action against people who participate in this growing trend. It’s shocking and appalling what people post in comments because they think they are anonymous. It’s cowardice and hurtful not brave or funny.

As far as Monica and the mistakes of her past. How about we move on? Let her live her life. She has worn that scarlet letter for long enough.

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