Lost and Found

There is nothing like digging through other peoples’ property. In case you had not noticed we all have our own distinct smell. Image a small space cramped full of coats, shoes, socks, shirts, shorts, lunch bags, and even some underwear. Yes, you read that right…underwear. Ugh!!! The smells emanating from all of that stuff makes my stomach turn. Yet, at least once a month I find myself in this room looking for a jacket, lunchbox or book. It’s not my stuff. Nope. It belongs to my third born. The one I lovingly refer to as Little Dude. 

He’s absent minded or completely distracted. Last year he lost three jackets, two lunch boxes and a couple of books. I recently learned he lost about $40-50 on a field trip. He took the money just in case he wanted to buy something nice. We were at a fast food restaurant not long ago and he left his wallet near the condiments. I walked up behind him and picked it up. 

What do I do? I get frustrated. I talk to him about being responsible. I try to get him to develop a routine. It hasn’t worked yet. Do kids grow out of losing stuff? In the mean time I continue to enter the lost and found to dig through all that stuff to locate his missing items. He has a jacket missing right now. Off to the little cramped room we go to search through the piles of odorous things in search of Little Dude’s jacket. 

9 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. DADuff says:

    Patience, grasshopper.

  2. baliinfoblog says:

    yep, the trials of being a mother! And why is it they can never find anything, but when I look, I find it straight away!

  3. K E Garland says:

    HA! My 13 year-old is the same. In fact, if I hand her money for a field trip the night before, she’ll say, “Why are you giving this to me right now? You know I’m going to lose it.” 🙂

  4. Ish says:

    The only hope is learning how to cope with it. I was like that… still am… only gotten better at going back and retrieving whatever I have “left behind”, usually my shades and cell phone…luckily living in a small town with fewer people helps 🙂

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