I See Color

There aren’t many things more beautiful or captivating than a sunrise or sunset. 

What makes us stop and stare in awe or take photos?

The colors

Whether they contain shades of yellow, red, orange or the bluest of blues

There is just something about sunsets and sunrises

Ever look out at mountains and catch your breath?  

Purple mountain majesties indeed

Clear blue water and white sandy beaches

Red roses

Gray clouds

Yellow canaries

Green grass

Brown eyes

The color of a nation’s flag

Color is all around us

It can’t be avoided

Why should I try to deny it

I see color all around me

You see it too

Tell me this one thing

How do some not see the color of skin?

When I read or hear some one say, “I don’t see color” I wonder how that’s possible

I’m officially giving you permission to see skin color

It’s beautiful

But just like the colors in a rainbow, none are better, more qualified, more dangerous, less able, more believable, less captivating or more deserving of being anything other than a color in a rainbow

One color cannot create or sustain the rainbow alone

When each color stands alone it is monochrome

Still just as beautiful and captivating

But like a sunrise or sunset the beauty lies within the aray of colors not just one

It’s okay to embrace the colors around us

It’s okay to see the colors of our skin

The hue of our skin doesn’t make us lesser women or men

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