conversations with a preschooler. (Day 7)

Here, eat this. It’s good for you. 

I don’t like chicken

You do like chicken you just forgot. 

I’m a veterinarian. 

No you’re not a vegetarian. Just take one bite. 

No! It looks funny. 

It looks the same as last night and last month. 

It’s old. 

Sigh… Please take one small bite. 

No! No! No! I don’t like chicken. I like Popsicles and cookies. 

I’ll give you a Popsicle if you eat some chicken. 

I want the Popsicle first. 

You may have it after dinner. 

Before dinner. 



I’ll take one bite. 


(Takes a bite)

Oooohhhh I like this chicken. It’s yummy.