With Friends Like This…

(Real life drama)

Opportunity only knocks once. Hhhmmm what if this is my opportunity? Is it my fault my mom didn’t give me enough money? I’m still kinda hungry. I want to ride the pirate ship one more time. Maybe somebody left it here. Finders really are keepers. I’ll just check to see if there is any food in the backpack. A wallet. Ten dollars. Maybe I shouldn’t.  But I want it. Nobody’s watching. Just this once. 

Somebody stole my money! I had ten dollars left but now it’s gone! Who would do that? 

I think I saw who took it. I think it was Amy. 

But she’s my friend. Why would she steal from me?

I don’t know. 

Amy, did you take ten dollars from me?

Do you have a green wallet with purple polka dots?


Yes, I took it. I’ll pay you back in about six months. 

I can’t believe she stole my money. She’s my friend! 

Reminiscing (day 8)

He was pulled into a time and a memory that was more ancient than his years. She spoke to him of things his mind could not comprehend or imagine. The words she used were foreign and not because she spoke another language but because he had never heard them used before. 

He didn’t ask questions to clarify. She was too excited and the words fell from her mouth like water rushing over a waterfall. He would have felt guilty if he had interrupted. So he sat quietly, listening and observing her body language. 

He wasn’t sure if she was tense due to the tumultuous bus ride or because of the level of excitement she had reached. She relaxed in her seat and the words had come to a stop. The glimmer was still in her eyes and that smile he had begun anticipating spread across her lips. Then he knew it was okay to  asked the two questions that had plagued him during her monologue. Who are the Beastie Boys and what is a cassette tape?

***I rode on a school bus with my eight year old son today heading to a school field trip. I don’t think I had ridden on a school bus since high school. I told him of some of my adventures which included a cassette tape of the Beastie Boys****