The Misunderstood and Underestimated

I was just thinking…

Why is there a stigma surrounding wire hangers? I mean really? What have they done? Who did they hurt? I can’t understand why people have this thing against wire hangers. So we buy plastic hangers. We buy plastic hangers that are not biodegradable. You would never put a marshmallow or hot dog on the end of a plastic hanger to roast over and open fire. You can’t use a plastic hanger to make a cool wreath. You can’t use a plastic hanger to stick in the antennae once the original one breaks in half. You can’t even use a plastic hanger to jimmy the lock on your car door it you lock yourself out.

I see wire hangers as a sign of wealth. In order to acquire wire hangers, you need to take your clothes to the cleaners. Who can afford to take clothes to the cleaners? Who buys clothes that need to go to the cleaners? We are a wash and wear society. I for one refuse to buy more plastic hangers. I will no longer throw away or hide my wire hangers out of shame. I will use my wire hangers and use them proudly.

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