Another true story

A friend of mine met a guy while she was shopping in a superstuffmart one day. This guys seemed nice enough after a few phone conversations and textations (I know it’s not an official word but the way a word becomes official is when a person starts to use it and it catches on. Who would have thought bootylicious would have made it to the dictionary?) therefore, she agreed to go out with him. He told her to wear a pretty dress on the date. She obliged. She carefully planned her outfit for the date. As they made final arrangements, he told her to meet him at IHOP. She thought, this must be the meeting place and then they are going to the real restaurant that must be hard to find.
Here is an excerpt from one of my newer poems that is based on this true story.
The title of the poem is, I’m Better Than That

When he looks at you and says you are beautiful
When he says I get lost in your eyes
Or your smile brightens up a room
Then says let me take you to dinner meet me at IHOP
Say I’m better than that

My friend doesn’t have a problem with going to IHOP but not on a first date after being asked to wear a pretty dress.

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