I was talking to a friend one day…

School zone

We were discussing how school was going for the kids. Her daughter and my daughter are bff’s and have been since kindergarten. Anyway, she was telling me that her two children were walking home from school and she had instructed her daughter to call her as soon as she left the school. The mom said she was worried the first day of school because she didn’t get a call when school let out. Just as she was about to leave work to see what happened, she received a call. Her daughter had made it home safely. However, the instructions were for her to call her as soon as she walked out of the building. The next day, they went over the instructions again. Once again, her daughter called her when she was home. Frustrated, the mom sat her daughter down and went over the instructions again. The next day was the same as the previous two days. Finally, the mom asked her why she wasn’t following the instructions to call as soon as she left the building. The daughter replied, the sign says no cell phones in the school zone.
I laughed out loud the first time I heard this and I still smile when I think about the conversation.
Yes, it is a true story.

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