I have lots of questions running through my mind. The most pressing question today and yesterday and the day before that is why do we compare our lives to others? I have friends with big houses, small houses, apartments, condos, townhouses, expensive cars, cheap cars, and no cars. I know people who are highly successful (success to me is defined by the person attempting to achieve it not the people looking at the attempts) and others that are making it day-to-day.

Why do we to look at each other’s lives and measure the quality of life on the stuff that has been acquired? Who are we to say you need all the stuff to be happy? I know people with a lot of stuff; some are happy and some are not. I know people without any stuff, some are happy and some are not. Does stuff bring happiness, contentment or satisfaction? Or does the acquisition of stuff come with a drive to acquire more stuff? If another person does not have that same drive or the same need why isn’t that okay?

Now don’t get me wrong, I have stuff and I like stuff. I am one of the few people, who I now of, that is happy with my current stuff. I don’t dream of more for the sake of more. My goal at the end of the day is not more stuff. My goal is contentment in the here and now. My here and my now are different from yours. I will not measure your stuff or lack there of and please don’t measure mine. Me and my stuff are just fine.

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