The Truth Is

I have another guest blogger this week. I was told I could share this only if they were allowed to remain anonymous. I thought it was thought provoking. What do you think?
I will never have all of the answers.
I will never understand how there are millions of galaxies full of other planets and stars with orbits, atmospheres and possibly life.
Or how scientists could filet my body but never pinpoint a physical explanation for my love of slurpees and musicals.
I will never find empirical proof of an afterlife, and whether living up to someone else’s standards of morality punches your ticket to it.
I can never answer without a doubt whether men are inherently good or bad.
I will never reach a singular definition for the meaning of life.

I do know, however, that I am granted one century. One century to exist in my present state, as me, cognizant and appreciative of my presence among the universe.

Is it a waste of time, then, to tear and struggle and suffer in search of these deeper meanings, truths, and answers? If we are all given relatively the same span, is the unexamined life more fulfilling? Or is fulfillment only brought with understanding, enlightenment. Can you only appreciate what you can fully grasp?

Regardless of your stance regarding an afterlife. In Christianity you lose all relational ties in heaven, and you will not be you as you are now. In Hinduism you reincarnate with no memory of your previous life. In Judaism Buddhism and Atheism you just die. That’s it.

What do all of these views have in common? That even if you go on to live past your time on earth, you won’t be yourself and you won’t have relationships. All you have is now. The time we are given. Do I ignore this, or try to keep the depressing thought always in mind? Do I abandon my search for experiences, truth and meaning because it doesn’t matter in the wake of my mortality?
Or does it make my search all the more important.

If our lives are so short why are we here?

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