Stud at the beach1

Although the title and picture suggest otherwise, this post is not about vacationing or hotspots to visit with your children. This is about the movie Beaches staring Bette Midler. Side note, if you are over 18 and have never seen this movie, today is the day for you to start living. It’s a heart warming tear jerker. There are a plethora of themes and life lessons to glean from this movie such as friendship, relationships, life after failed marriages, success, dreams, hopes, survival, endurance and dare I say resilience.

Who amongst us has not faced at least one of the minor or major themes of the movie? I have experienced several myself. I am still experiencing some. However, I do not allow the challenges of life to get me down for too long. I choose to live in the 85%. That’s a part of yet another of my theories. Life tends to be an 85/15 split. The 85 represents all the good things in life and the 15 represents the not so good. I believe we tend to focus on the 15% of life and allow that part to keep us down. Some days the 15 seems so big and perhaps it is big. But don’t allow the 15 to overshadow the 85 for too long.

If all else fails, go to the beach and enjoy the view.

One thought on “Beaches

  1. Galen says:

    ” …a plethora…” — one of my oft-used phrases for decades.
    Will be viewing “Beaches” soon….thanks.

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