Things that make me smile

Sand between my toes
Birds chirping outside my window
Cool breeze
Light hearted tease
“Good morning love”
Blessings from up above
A full moon
Flowers in bloom
Snuggles in the morning
Cuddling when it’s storming
Laughter during the day
Music that makes me sway
Saying I love you
Hearing I love you too
Kisses from the fantastic 4
Picnics on the living room floor
Playing Old Maid
Watching sports my children play
Holding someone special’s hand
Listening to the David Whiteman band
Dancing until I can’t anymore
Forehead kisses
Cooking with friends
Laughing and remembering when
The perfect cake
The cupcakes I make
Listening to my children pray
Reading and writing
The end of a good day

One thought on “Things that make me smile

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