When you think of your mother I hope you have fond memories. If you don’t, I pray you can find some peace. Mom is a title given to another human. We are not without fault or flaws. We make mistakes, we say things we don’t mean. Being a mom comes with a lot of responsibility. Some of us see motherhood as an honor. Some of us see it as a duty. Some, sadly, see it as a burden.
I understand some things seem impossible to surpass. Forgiveness doesn’t mean acceptance. It just means you have chosen to be free from anger, resentment and judgment.
Celebrate the life that gave you life. Please know your mom could have made a different choice. She saw you as valuable enough to go through up to 40 weeks of tiredness, sickness, weight gain, uncertainty, hope, joy, and love. Celebrate this day with a kind word or thought of the woman who birthed you.

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