Your box is your safe haven
I don’t care what anybody else says or does
You stay in your box
It surrounds you from the north, south, east and west
You can close it to hide from the dangers of the world
It was given to you to protect you from all the scary things
It’s your box
Embrace it
Take care of it
Most importantly stay in it
Do not use it to stand on to make a point
Any points you have can be made from within the box
Do not stand on it to see above the crowd
There is nothing to see except a sea of other people in their boxes
No, you may not decorate your box
It should look the same as everybody else’s
If yours is different you may stand out from the crowd
Your box is your haven to be used for your safety
I understand it’s hard to go from place to place while in your box
That’s the point, to keep you right where you are
You don’t need to see the world
Your world is your box
Do not add wheels to your box
What’s the point?
A box with wheels is the same as a box without wheels
But instead of remaining in one place you will have the opportunity to go where you won’t go
Knowing you can go but knowing you won’t go will create unnecessary frustration
Just stay in your box in your spot allowing contentment to be your blanket of comfort
Remember, it’s your haven created to keep you safe
Stop thinking outside the box
The person who said there was something wrong with status quo is a rebel
We all know you can’t trust a rebel
Get comfortable and relax
Lay down if you’d like
Watch TV
Play on your phone
Download some more apps
No book are allowed they cause you to think
Thinking about anything other than what’s in your box will create frustration
Frustration leads to action
Action lead to things I refuse to discuss
You were created to be passive
Play your part
Stay in character
Live the life that has been handed to you
Mediocre is not a bad word
Those all have four letters
Safe haven, protection
Stay in your box
Relationships are acceptable
As long as they are in their box
You may combine boxes or move into a bigger box
As you have children and they begin to grow
Teach them about box life
Tell them the benefits of living in a box
You don’t want your children to become rebels
You want them to think like you
Live a life just like yours
A life inside of a box
Created specifically for them
Teach them what your parents taught you
Pass down the tradition, belief and life you love
Don’t discuss anything other than your opinions
Any other opinions might cause them to dream
A dream means death to a box village
It takes a village of box dwellers to keep a child in their box
When you die, you get the ultimate box
You can have any color you want only you won’t be here to pick the color
It’s cushioned and lined with nice fabric
Although you will never feel the fabric
Just remain in this plain box until you get your last box
When people remember you, if they remember you, it will be as the person who followed the rules and remained in their box
Which of course is not a bad thing

2 thoughts on “Box

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