I call it…love

It’s like a west Texas dust storm rolling in
You feel it before you see it
The atmosphere changes
There is a stillness in the air
You know something is there
Like my grandmother use to say
“I can feel it in my bones”
Or like an electrical storm
You want to be afraid of it
But it’s holding you captive
You know the danger
But your curiosity and intrigue keep you in place
You stand there in the midst of the tornado
Oblivious to all of the devastation occurring around you
Only thing that matters is the feeling
It’s captivating
It’s freeing
It’s life giving
It’s makes you want to give your life
It makes you want to change your life
It makes you want to create life
We seek it
We search for it
We long to befriend it
Don’t fear it
Embrace it for all that it is
It’s simple yet powerful
It has a name
When you say it
Say it with reverence
Simple yet complex
It tames the beast
It makes a man want to fight
It brings tears to your eyes
It motivates and inspires
Love, love, love

4 thoughts on “I call it…love

  1. truth says:

    Being in love is a lie we tell ourselves to justify our own bad decisions

    • tolive4u says:

      I whole heartedly disagree with you. We make decisions all the time. Sometimes they are out of selfishness, lack of knowledge or due to a personal motive/agenda but not love.

  2. truth says:

    That being said … I really do dig the poem. If I have to make a bad decision,I’d rather do it for love.

    • tolive4u says:

      That being said…I hope you find a love that makes you smile and a love that makes you want to sing a song and love that makes you want to wake up in the mornings and a love that brings you comfort in the still of the night. I wish you a love that is as real as the sunset and as tangible as a touch. I wish you love like none other.

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