Titus Creative Solutions

I started my own company last year, Titus Creative Solutions.

The name, Titus, is my mother’s maiden name and the middle name of my third child. I wanted something that connected me to my past, present and future.

What will I offer? Do I have to narrow that down?

Do I have a website? Uhhh no… but I have talent and determination.

According to something I read on Twitter, I only need to have an idea and start marketing that idea then the website and everything else will come.

So back to what I offer. Here is the list:

*Microsoft Software training including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook

*Professional Coaching

*Editing your documents or presentations

*Producer during your online meetings

*Observing your presentation and providing feedback

What are my qualifications? I have over 15 years in the training and employee development industry. I am newish to coaching. It is something I have been doing for friends for years but just made it official by taking a 6-month long class. I have a master’s degree in education (MEd). The official title is Applied Technology Performance Improvement.