It’s been approximately 7367 days since I last saw you

But who’s counting?

Where have you been?

Have you lived a full life?

How are you, my friend?

Have you laughed or cried?

I’ve missed looking into your eyes

Do you still have the same smile?

Are you missing teeth?

Is your hair gray?

What prompted you to leave anyway?

The only thing that matters is you’re back

Sit down, take a load off and stay a while

We have a lifetime of life to catch up on

My motive? I have none

Catching up with a friend

Laughing at, “remember when…”

Is it true that authentic friendships never fade?

Not even after 7367 days

3 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    20 years is a long time, but there is nothing that can stop a true friendship.
    Beautiful writing.

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