More on Love

I use to believe I was created to love you
Now I know I was created to love
Love is not always easy like Sunday morning
Sometimes it’s difficult like Wednesday afternoon
I use to say my love was deeper than the ocean
Now I know it can be as shallow as a pond
I’ve heard that Love is patient and kind
But what about those days when I’m impatient and cruel?
What is that?
Is it possible to love without fear?
Is it possible to love without tears?
Sacrificial love, love that never fails, love that builds
Who is the man or woman of steel?
My love is given freely
But I still own the copyright
I’m really just sharing
Not really giving
I’ll take it back when I feel like it
It comes with disclaimers
Surrounded by warnings
It’s all that you ever wanted but didn’t know
My love is unending until the end
You will know its the end because love will have moved on
You see, love don’t live here anymore
Sorry to break the news to you
It packed up and moved when you left
It had moved in for you
And now it moved because of you
No, love don’t live here anymore
Just remnants remain along with memories and distant stares
Love walked out when you moved on
But so did fear
Love will return someday because it’s faithful
It just won’t have your name on it