Prison (Guest poet)

Here is an excerpt from a friend’s poem. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did the first time I read these words. Feel free to offer up some snaps. I did. (I edited the poem to make it G)

I need a lawyer
Someone to save my from this prison
Where I sat in solitude and dream u
I know I deserve this prison cause I played with fire
I was afraid of being burned but didn’t realize this doesn’t burn
Doesn’t dwindle
It just burns inside me
Consuming all the fears and pretention and sensibilities and bs
Til the only thing left is a single pure thought
I want u
I want ur anticipation and ur humor and ur horrible poker face and ur smirking smiles and ur receptiveness and ur hope and ur carefree life and
Ur selflessness and ur loving nurturing and cool attitude
I need a judge to pardon me for finding my muse unintentionally
And I there is no way this punishment fits the crime
I am guilty.
For tempting my mind to believe in soul mates
For igniting the fire that can’t be extinguished with deadlines and vows…

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