That’s the number of years it’s been since I first laid eyes on her. My daughter, my honeygirl, my image, my hope realized. I love her with all of me. I love all of my children but my relationship with her is different. She is my only daughter and we “get” each other. We talk with our eyes, slight head movements, half smiles and certain looks. We speak the same none language. We are not best friends. I’m her mom, her guidance, her boundaries, her gauge, her disciplinarian and her sounding board. I’m honored that she wants me in her life. She insists that I become friends with the moms of her friends. I’ve heard her tell friends she has the best or coolest mom ever. 

I didn’t have a great relationship with my mom growing up. I would never have referred to her as the best mom ever. I was never sure I could get this mother daughter thing right. Right for me was better than what I grew up with. But I’m getting it right. We are getting it right. I cherish every moment I get to spend being her mom. 

Happy Birthday Honeygirl!

100th blog post

I’m celebrating my 100th post! The one that helped me achieve that mild stone was Box

This blog started out and still is a place for me to sort out my thoughts, create a poem or share something funny and maybe insightful. This blog is a hope realized. I started writing poetry a few years ago as an outlet and a tribute to life and other random things. I was inspired and this need to write was birthed by one person or several experiences with that person or so I thought. I referred to this person as my muse. But then I was reminded of letters and poems I had written to my first inspiration back in high school. I guess the flame that already burned within me was given fresh kindling. But then again, this gift may have been deposited in me while I was forming in my mother’s womb. Is it possible the words were already there? They were anxiously looking for an opportunity to spring forth. The words patiently waited on the right opportunity and occasion. When the occasion presented itself in language arts class, I wrote. Inspired by my teachers and a desire for good grades. When life was difficult and frustrating while I was growing up, I wrote. Now, I write for me, for the Fantastic4 and for you. 

Sometimes I wonder what my fellow bloggers and I would have done if we didn’t have an outlet for our thoughts and words. Thank you WordPress for providing that outlet. 

Thank you to those of you who follow me. 

100 blog posts… A dream realized. 

Hormel Rev Wrap: Fieldgoal

“Hungry is never letting anything stand in the way of your dreams.”
Have you seen this commercial? The first time I saw it I had concerns. I understand motivation. I understand wanting to be the best. I understand marketing techniques. I understand it’s football season and living in the south, I definitely understand the intensity of all things football. What I don’t understand is creating a commercial that shows what appears to be a teenager breaking into a stadium to work on kicking a 68 yard field goal.
“…never let anything stand in the way of your dreams” not even a locked gate or a tall fence or laws against breaking and entering.