Like a Man Does it

On any given day I hear Stud Muffin (7) or Little Dude (8) say, “let me show you how a man does it!” They are usually saying this to each other since Honeygirl and I aren’t all that interested in how a man does something and the Teenager is usually somewhere being a teen. I do watch them when this is occurring because it’s funny and I’ve learned that a man will do lots of manly things if someone is watching and gives him praise.

The Teenager is the person in charge of bug and critter disposal. The younger boys scream like a girl if they see a gecko or even a beetle. Now mind you even the girl doesn’t scream like a girl when she sees a bug but that’s neither here nor there. One morning Stud and Dude were in the kitchen, the other two were still asleep, when I heard a scream. I ran to the kitchen to see Stud pointing at a bug. Little Dude said, “let me show you how a man does it.” He grabbed a paper towel, picked up the bug and put it in the trash. After which his chest was stuck out, his head was held high and he looked at his brother and said, “that’s how a man does it!” I smiled and walked back to my room. I hear that phrase at various time during the day. I always smile at them when they show how a man does something.

Yesterday, Stud Muffin was sitting at the table drinking a cup of hot apple cider. He said, “mom, look at me I’m being a maaaan.” I turned my head to look at him and asked if he wanted to show me his cider mustache, he replied no. I asked him if he had just done something. He replied, no, I’m just sitting here being a man. I nodded and smiled at him.

I don’t pretend to know what it takes to be a man but I have learned what it takes to encourage and speak life into a man. Sometimes it doesn’t require any action on my part. I  am honored to have the privilege to watch them transform from boys to men.

100th blog post

I’m celebrating my 100th post! The one that helped me achieve that mild stone was Box

This blog started out and still is a place for me to sort out my thoughts, create a poem or share something funny and maybe insightful. This blog is a hope realized. I started writing poetry a few years ago as an outlet and a tribute to life and other random things. I was inspired and this need to write was birthed by one person or several experiences with that person or so I thought. I referred to this person as my muse. But then I was reminded of letters and poems I had written to my first inspiration back in high school. I guess the flame that already burned within me was given fresh kindling. But then again, this gift may have been deposited in me while I was forming in my mother’s womb. Is it possible the words were already there? They were anxiously looking for an opportunity to spring forth. The words patiently waited on the right opportunity and occasion. When the occasion presented itself in language arts class, I wrote. Inspired by my teachers and a desire for good grades. When life was difficult and frustrating while I was growing up, I wrote. Now, I write for me, for the Fantastic4 and for you. 

Sometimes I wonder what my fellow bloggers and I would have done if we didn’t have an outlet for our thoughts and words. Thank you WordPress for providing that outlet. 

Thank you to those of you who follow me. 

100 blog posts… A dream realized.